There, where the sunrise brings a promise of a new start; where the breeze of the ocean whispers good things to come; where the sunset kisses you and holds you in its arms; there, is the hidden gift waiting for a glance of our sight.

Photographs by Joseph Phillips

Styling and Production by

Yekaroma Card, Marisa Llamas and Alex Venegas

Starring model Vanesa Dzevdetbegovic

Hair & Makeup by Martin Mendoza

Photographer Assistant – Kira Thompson

Everyday, I wake up wishing for a better world; a place where human beings are more connected with nature and each other; a place where words like ‘love’ and ‘compassion’ are more appreciated. Everyday, I strive to develop goals that will make a difference and positively impact our world; a world that continues to fall apart; a world that needs more love and attention from all of us.

As a fashion stylist, I search for inspiration through my surroundings and environment, as most artists do. Even the most insignificant, less appreciated things have the ability to give you the most beautiful and groundbreaking ideas.

One day, my fellow friends and fashion stylists, Marisa, Alex, and myself, decided to put together a low-budget fashion editorial that communicates one of the most harrowing issues our planet is facing today; drought. We were inspired by David Bowie’s brilliant performance in the 1970’s classic film, The Man Who Fell to Earth. The story follows David Bowie as an extraterrestrial who visits Earth, seeking a way to ship water back to his dehydrated planet. We loved the story and believe it tremendously relates to today’s reality. Life on Mars, arrival on Earth, and searching for water, the latter being incredibly symbolic to saving the planet, are the three elements behind the story of our editorial.

The editorial was shot in the abandoned remains of Sutro Baths in San Francisco, California. The location is a reminder of human materialism and destruction.

Our model, Vanesa Dzevdetbegovic, was styled in earthy, sleek lined, monochromatic clothing, to appeal to the modern and down-to-earth, yet edgy audience.

It may be unclear as to how drought and fashion relate, but I believe we can use a fashion editorial as a wake up call by delivering important themes and worldly issues to an audience, using not only photography and styling, but emotion, mood, and story, as well. I believe the resources we have at our disposal today will become scarce and potentially obsolete for future generations, if we do not take care of our planet now. We must love our home in order for it to love us back.

With love,


Life on Mars

Life on Mars

Life on Mars

White Bodysuit and Sheer Socks Nasty Gal, Clear PVC Circle Skirt American Apparel, Silver High Heels Goodwill

Arrival on Earth

Arrival on Earth

Gold Shiny Sleeveless Crop Top and High-Waist Workout Short American Apparel, Gold Sandals Goodwill  Gold Spandex Over the Knee Socks Ebay.

Searching for Water

Searching for Water

Searching for Water

Black Shrug and Black Leather Pencil Skirt Zara, Black
Cutout Corset (stylist own), Black Suede Ankle Boots (Model own).

Mood Board Images

Special thanks to Holistic Fashionista Magazine for selecting my article, drought, which will be published on their Issue #11, and will be released this upcoming April 15th. I am truly excited about it and very motivated to keep doing the things I love. Stay tuned!

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